Tuesday, December 18, 2012

a non-Christmas sewing project

it's nearly winter 

last year I made Mr Cute a sock hat, but he doesn't want to wear it 

but he will wear the cotton bucket hat I made him during the summer 

so his mama asked if I could make him a bucket hat out of something warmer like flannel 

yesterday I found this fabric --- oh look, "tactors"!! 

this has been in the washer and the dryer, and I should have no problem getting this made up for him pretty quickly 

glad to help out here!
and while I was looking at the fabrics, I found something that I can use as the background for this quilt 

which means I can start doing these blocks 

 I've been working on the quilting and finishing of the two mountain pieces for the visioning project

so it was time to start thinking about the next assignment and get some drawings done 

 this was the result 

I like this little houses on the hillside drawing, and I think it will be fun to create the pieces from it 

according to the weather man, we're supposed to get snow this evening into tomorrow, so we've decided to go do our grocery shopping today so we don't have to go out tomorrow

time to get moving

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AlisonH said...

Oh fun!

I bought stuffed birds and fish for my grandson but have since been told he likes trains. And playing Ring Around the Rosie: "We all fall DOWN! AGAIN!"