Sunday, December 09, 2012

Let the Fringing Begin!

the "chain" has been attached and yesterday I started working on the fringe 

 most of the time when I do fringe I start at the left hand side and work my way across from there 

this time I started in the center because I wanted that center to be a certain length, so now I'm working from the center out 

fringing with a "soup" mix of beads is a little different from using beads that are all the same type because it is not based on a certain number of beads so much as the length of the beads that have been strung 

and I decided to do branched fringe on this because I like the full look of that 

 time at the sewing machine resulted in the second pair of pj pants 

 we have a family tradition of opening the Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve --- this pair will be the ones in the tissue paper for the SIL this year (and there will be a matching pair for Mr Cute!) 

 while I was sitting in my chair yesterday afternoon I whipped up these lovelies 

for certain members of the family, the gift card is the best present we can give them, but I hate to just put those in the envelope and send them off 

but I also couldn't see paying $3 to $5 each for the commercially available product for this purpose 

these took me less than an hour and very little in expense -- the Christmas print paper was already in my "stash", and the only other thing I needed was glue

 now I can get those gift cards in the mail! 

I also managed yesterday to get the two mountain quilt pieces pinned into their "sandwiches" so I can do the quilting --- Yippee!! 

 this morning we woke to the first real snow of the season --- and it's COLD --- a good day for not much outdoor activity --- and perhaps getting those Christmas cards ready to go in the mail

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AlisonH said...

Those pjs are going to be great fun!