Wednesday, December 05, 2012

still recovering

this has been a bad week --- I'm still recovering from one of the nastiest bugs I've had in a very long time 

still lots of coughing and no energy, but at least I can now stay awake if I sit down in my chair to try to work on something

this for instance 

since I tore the whole piece apart, I am now back to this and while the bottom strip of "chain" took me three days of attempting to work on it, I whipped up that top strip in a couple of hours yesterday afternoon without falling asleep along the way 

it's progress

this is another project that I could actually accomplish -- another afghan square for the pile

the consequence of this is that while I thought I was far enough ahead on the Christmas projects that it was no problem, I'm now feeling a little stressed about that pile of sewing that's awaiting, but still not feeling quite well enough to just get to it

and there are still the cards to get mailed (thank goodness I got the cards themselves finished while I was at my daughter's for Thanksgiving!), and presents to get wrapped

ok, I'm not going to dwell on that list --- just heading off now to try to accomplish something

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