Friday, December 14, 2012

I know how to blow things up

patterns with my computer software that is 

the DH has completed the drawings of the individual animals, so now it's up to me to translate them into the quilt

I've done several variations of this design layout (four of them since 2008)

this one will be interesting because it's animals I've not done much with before

yesterday I pulled each individual drawing into the software and printed out the patterns -- the four corners are 12 inch squares, and the center block is a 24 inch square --- I really love that I can do all of that with my computer instead of the way such things used to be done (do you remember drawing things square by square from small graph paper to bigger graph paper?)

as soon as I get the work table cleared off (I've got it piled up with presents that need to be wrapped), I'll be going through my fabric stash and pulling out fabric to start on this project

today I hope to get most of that wrapping finished!

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AlisonH said...

Great fun! Lucky little one.