Sunday, December 30, 2012

bad thing, good thing

the bad thing:

yesterday was one of those days

the quilt show that was hanging locally was supposed to be up through the middle of January, but our coordinator got a call, and we were asked to take it down just in case the party that is being hosted in the facility for New Year's Eve gets too rowdy

hmmm, well, I'm happy to have my art work out of the line of fire

by the time I got home from doing that, however, I was starting to have a sore throat

throat lozenges and cool drinks have not helped

so it appears that for the second time in a month I'm sick 

I am not pleased --- after all, I had avoided all of this sort of thing for a good long time

we'll see how this goes -- my son in law was sick while we were there for Christmas, and was diagnosed with strep, so if this doesn't get better soon I'll be calling the doctor's office again

the good thing:  in March I will be 62 

according to the Social Security website, you can apply for your benefits 90 days prior to your 62nd birthday

this morning I worked my way through the on line application

after 5 working days (on January 8) I can go to the website and check on the status of my application

if all goes well, I'll get my first check in April




Nancy G said...

Good grief, just what sort of party are they having there?

So sorry you are bugly again; that really sucks! I'll send healing thoughts in your direction...

AlisonH said...

At least strep is something that can be treated and gotten rid of; best wishes, and heal well. And yay on being able to apply now!