Monday, December 24, 2012

Being the S.O.G.

Silly Ol' Grandma that is 

it was my pleasure on Friday evening to watch Mr. Cute while his mommy and daddy went out for the evening for a little "adult" time 

here he is modeling the new flannel tractor hat while playing with his birthday present from us -- a Noah's Ark set that includes some of the cutest elephants, zebras and giraffes ever -- and because it is a "Little People" toy, all of the other animals he has from the zoo set and the farm set work with it to, so he has a rather impressive ark load of animals 

 it was a lot of fun for the SOG to play with him then read him books and tuck him into bed  

the sunrises this time of year can be spectacular --- Saturday's was one of those 

the weather man says we have a storm coming in this afternoon which means we may have the rare white Christmas here --- pretty amazing since it only happens 6% of the time here

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Nancy G said...

Red sky at morning, sailors take warning...