Friday, December 28, 2012

the final Christmas reveal, and progress on new things

the annual Christmas sweater was a bigger surprise than usual for my daughter this year

in the past she has gotten to select several patterns and/or colors then I made the final decision which one to make

this year I made the decisions and created this lovely for her

and she loved it!  

fresh off of the embroidery program on my sewing machine

four large dish towels, suitable for drying glasses or covering a bowl full of dough to be raised

notice the cool daisies and the black and white check border

and this coordinating toaster cover -- which actually is version two of this object since my daughter's kitchen got a new toaster this year and the old one wouldn't fit

  this colorful apron was made for my sister 

rows of cute kitty print 

and she got a stack of color coordinated hot pads too 

 the final sewing project was this snappy sweat suit for Mr Cute --- he'll be all dressed to watch football with daddy  

Mr Cute got a cool train table for Christmas --- can you tell that he really likes it?  

he got a new trike too --- here he is on Christmas day with his daddy 

 it won't be long before he'll be ridding it all around the house!  

yesterday was a travel day for us, but we got home early enough that I did do some work on projects after we got everything out of the car 

two more pieces of this project have been bezeled 


the first block for the baby quilt I'm working on is complete  

and as always, more afghan squares got knit while I was away --- only need to finish one more to have the box full 

today we need to do some shopping, then hopefully some work in the studio

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