Monday, December 10, 2012

out on the edge of the fringe

the piece is complete! 

and this morning I listed it on my Etsy store 

after all the sewing and ripping in the end it ended up being a pretty simple design 

sometimes less is more  

a little time at the sewing machine and another Christmas present is all finished 

 these have a new (to me at least) material called InsulBrite in them that is a sort of batting with a reflective coating that helps make hot mats (and in this case, pot grabbers) more effective in protecting your hands 

and the fabric is perfect for the person they're going to  

another afghan square completed! 

 time to raid my basement yarn stash --- I've reached the bottom of my family room yarn for these  

someone my daughter works with (and I've actually met too) has a daughter that is having a baby in the spring 

so we've been asked to make another baby quilt! 

these are always fun 

the DH has been doing animal drawings --- these are the first three 

the plan is to use the moose in the center of the quilt and the other animals in the corners

he has a couple more to do then I can start creating the patterns 


today I'm trying to catch up on two week's worth of laundry since I was just too sick to do that last Monday --- this will take a while

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AlisonH said...

How fun to be creating to welcome a new person into the world!

Bugs jump worms--fun mitts, too!