Thursday, December 20, 2012

beginning a new piece

I've been thinking about this piece for about a month now, and yesterday I actually started working on it 

the rectangular watch face was in a package of miscellaneous watch parts that I got in the local craft store, but the round one is from an old watch that my mom gave me and the DH was able to get the back off of so I could remove all the little gears and the face

since I'm not really sure exactly what this piece will look like, I'm beginning with building bezels around some of the pieces I want to use 

these had holes in them that let me just stitch them down sort of like a button, making it easy for me to attach them to the backing and start right in with the bezel work 

 I have some other pieces that had to be glued down first, so I couldn't do beading around them yesterday, but I hope to be able to start on those today

yesterday it was cold, windy, snowy -- in short, perfect weather to bake 

 this stack of neatly wrapped breads is the result of the DH and I each creating some holiday bread 

 my mother asked me this year to made a batch of fruitcake using her recipe (you can see that recipe here

I hadn't made this for probably 20 years, and had forgotten just how much it makes, so there is plenty for her to have some and there's some for us too 

the DH's family didn't do fruitcake, but they did something called gum drop bread (recipe for that one is here

both of these recipes involve cutting up sticky stuff (either fruit or gum drops), chopping nuts and adding a very simple flour/sugar/egg batter, then a long slow baking process 

we managed to keep the kitchen and family room very comfortably warm for most of the day

and here we have the second set of mittens and hat for next year's box --- finished up last night 

now that I'm done baking (the DH has one more baking project to do today), I'll be spending some time working on quilts and that piece of jewelry today --- it should be fun!

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AlisonH said...

Peppermint candy-striped mittens. Perfect!