Friday, December 07, 2012

Done, begun and an update

it's finally complete

it has been run through a cold wash and a tumble in the dryer and is all ready to go

I'm pleased with how it came out

when I started on it the part I liked best was the animals around the outside

now that  it's finished, I love that center block

I hope the person it's intended for likes it as well as I do 

as of last evening, this was the status of the Christmas tree

and actually that is amazing in itself, since I've been sick for over a week now

I think today we'll get the lights and ornaments on

yesterday I gave in and went to the doctor --- sinus infection, bronchitis and probably strep -- my doctor skipped that test and saved me the cost since the antibiotic to handle the other two will take care of that too --- and I'm grateful that her office keeps a nice supply of drug samples and is willing to hand them out --- the inhaler and the nose spray came out of that, and saved me a big bill at the pharmacy     ----    even so, I'm unhappy that most of my remaining Christmas shopping money has now gone down the black hole of the cost of health care to the uninsured

the medications are working --- for the first time in several nights I actually slept last night and I'm already beginning to feel better  --- finally

now maybe we can get back to normal

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Nancy G said...

If the person it's intended for doesn't like it as well as you do, I'll be very surprised. (And I'll take it away from him!)

So glad you're finally feeling better, though it really sucks that it took your shopping money. If any of that was to be used for us, please know that just spending time with you guys is more than enough gift for us.