Saturday, December 01, 2012

begin again

when I started trying to put the backing on the first piece that used this mermaid, the plastic shredded the thread 

since having it all come apart once it is supposedly "finished" is not a good plan, I decided it wasn't meant to be and took it all apart 

I'll be doing something less complicated with it

 the stitching of the swirls is done it looks pretty good 

 now to the embellishing and quilting  

and since the swirls are stitched, it was time to plan the pieces for the next assignment which has to do with creating a mood with color 

these two drawings are the same design done in different colors yet they feel very different 

time to dig in the stash of fabric to find the materials to do these  

one more afghan square done 

I'm still feeling pretty icky with a nasty cold, but I'm hoping to get a little work done today

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