Monday, December 17, 2012

projects that can not be named

it was a busy weekend 

more sewing projects rolled off the sewing machine, made their way to the kitchen table and got put into boxes and wrapping paper 

and like the folks that will be receiving these items, those of you that read here will have to wait to see them (you know who you are!) 

except for a couple of small "sock gifts", I'm done shopping, sewing and wrapping for Christmas -- and judging from the bags full of wrapped gifts, it was a busy season preparing!

I spent some time working on this yesterday 

there have been several attempts to finish this piece that have been ripped out, but this version is a keeper 

it's not what I first envisioned, but I like the contrast of the sharp triangular pieces with the round center 

I hope to get this finished this afternoon and I have already started planning and collecting the materials for the next piece I'll be building

last night we watched some Christmas music specials on our local PBS station, and I finished another afghan square 

a quick review of the box that I'm filling with these  and there is enough room for six to eight more in there before I mail it off --- might get these in the mail before the end of December --- cool! 

also worked on mittens and hat set number 2 for the 2013 challenge --- am I getting too far ahead of myself here?

time to get moving on today's projects

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AlisonH said...

Somehow my brain registered it as purple and pythons. I like it!