Thursday, May 18, 2006

11 done, 1 to go

finished the February blocks of the quilt. They look pretty good. Now on to December which has 3 cat faces on it.....lots more really little pieces.

Went yesterday to get some thread for the noses on Bunnie and two other pieces we are working on.

The DH has finished his sewing project (stitching his very first bear), put joints in the bear and stuffed it. He picked out a very nice thread (one of the new DMC lusters) for the nose on this one.

Didn't do a lot of work yesterday as our daughter brought her boy friend down to meet us. They also went by to see her grandparents, so the fellow is getting the "full treatment" this week.....its ok, next week they are going to Idaho for his sisters' graduation, so he'll return the "favor"! He's a nice guy and welcome back in our home anytime (as long as he remains a NICE GUY!)

We were watching a PBS program last night about the first generation of TV stars, most of whom came out of vaudville acts. At the end there was a clip of Red Skelton (one of my favorites), and he said something that I thought was very profound: "Talent is God's gift to you, using that talent is your gift to God".....

So today's challenge: go forth and use that talent (whatever it might be!!)

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