Monday, May 15, 2006

the research continues.....

and actually, this has been a standing joke between my daughter and I for several years. When she was in college, she commuted to and from campus on some fairly "rural" roads, where little wild critters were know to venture too close to the road and be "re-tired". She began a semi-scientific study, based on her observations of the conditions of various "road kill" critters. Her theory: there is something about racoons that keeps them from exploding on impact. As we traveled on the high way, we saw evidence that her theory is correct, one more unexploded racoon. Wonder if there's any real substance to that? (Ok, we have a very morbid sense of humor, but you must admit we are at least aware of the world around us!)

Pictures today: the Art Card is one more in the series, this one is of a 10 inch bear I did quite a while ago, and is about the last of the ones like this that I have. She made a pretty cute card.

Other pictures should be titled Go Go Joe! He's finally done!!! This is definately an amazing technicolor dream coat!! (I can just hear him singing, "close every door to me....") This was quite an experiment to do the lidded eyes on a bear this small (he is only 8" tall). The nose was a lot of fun too....on top of the multi colored thread, layers of glitter nail polish....the experimenting goes on!!

On today's drawing board: 1)get joints into Bunnie so I can get her stuffed and maybe get her done by Friday evening; 2)select fabric for the next bear experiment (this one to have an open mouth); 3)make hang tags for the new finished pieces; 4)begin work on the new bird design. (oh yes, and mow the back yard and do laundry) its going to be a busy day!!

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Nancy G said...

Morbid sense of humor? Nah...teehee
I LOVE Joe's face, such a wonderful expression! And the ear lining fabric is a nice touch with the variegated nose and the technicolor coat. Good job!