Sunday, May 28, 2006

Its time to vote for URSA!!

Yes folks, this is your chance to help me qualify for an award for my work. I have entered 5 pieces in this contest, and the voting has now been opened to the public who will determine which of the many entered pieces will move into the next stage of the contest.

Ice Buddies #18

Fafa Bird #19

Autumn Leaves #7
Moon Shine #11
Polar Dreams #17

So, this is your chance!!

Work continues in the studio on the bracelet. Its coming along nicely, and I'd say I have about half of the beading done. I hope to have it finished for next weekend's show, but we'll see since there is a lot of other "stuff" that must be done before then.

Went to Wallyworld yesterday and got fabric to make some summer weight pants that have pockets.....I don't like the jean shorts, etc., that are available for sale, and the pants I've used in the past (pj bottoms actually!) have no pockets, which makes me NUTS!! So, I got a pattern for scrubs which have pockets and I can make them the length I like....right below the knee and put as many pockets as I like in them.....I'll be making some for DH too.

Had one of those "fugue" states this morning between 5 and 6 a.m. where I wasn't really asleep, but not awake either. I find I do a lot of designing in that state....must have something to do with the brain waves. Anyway, I have an idea for a bear that will be another quite different piece. I'll be letting him "perk" for a while, as the ones created this way seem to develop additional details if I don't rush it.

I was notified yesterday that we are in the top finalists for an ACE award from North Country Teddy Bears. I'm pretty excited about this too......The ACE allows us to entry a piece every month if we want to, some awards are given during the year, and a "grand prize" winner announced once a year. I have been thinking about entering Daisy in this competition too, so now I'm even more inclined to do that.

Today will include that most important sports event, the Indianapolis 500 race and cutting out assorted pairs of pants (I pulled out all of the fabric possibilities last night and ran them through the washer). I will also work on the bracelet and the last block of the quilt (I can do that now, having "mined" in my sister's lovely green fabric stash, and finding some great stuff to do the trees that will look MUCH better).

Time to get busy!!

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