Wednesday, May 24, 2006

what do these 2 objects have in common?

well, each of them could be inspiration for a new animal.

The metal and plastic item is a mechanism that goes inside a bear so you can move his head and tail. Its called a yes/no mechanism, and we have been hunting for one for several years, but there were none available. It seems the fellow that used to build these has given it up, so if we're going to do more than one in this style, DH will try to replicate its function in his own version. Meantime, I can think about building an animal to put around it.

The bottle is exactly what it looks like, and it is glass, but its little...that is a standard wood clothespin standing next to it. So, I'm thinking about mustard colored mohair, rings that look like onion, pickle relish.....who knows what will come of this excursion into strange thinking.....

I have begun working on a cuff style beaded bracelet. It has a pretty good sized piece of malachite as the center and I'm working with greens and black to create the feel of the malachite over the whole surface. I just began building the bezels around the stone last night. This probably won't take a real long time to complete, and if I like the look I do have 2 additional brass cuffs to work over.

Haven't done much else in the studio the last 2 days. Trying to get laundry done, sorting out a lot of things for a garage sale in early June and putting stuff on Ebay has kept me busy. Today we will make our monthly excursion to Costco for vitamins, meat, computer I won't get much studio time today either.

Time to get crackin'

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