Monday, May 01, 2006

It's been a while.....

since I got here to post, so I'll do a quick review.

Thursday morning I went to the Health Fair.....a whole Loooooooonnnnnggggg story there, which I will post later, I'm still "polishing" the essay.

I have been working on my entry to Lark Books for their upcoming publication "500 Earrings". Over the weekend I got all the pictures taken (some still not quite to my satisfaction), got the CD burned, the form filled out, etc., etc., etc. It goes in the mail this morning.....nothing like waiting until the last possible minute to meet the postmark deadline ... not my usual style, but it happens sometimes.

Next contest entry is due soon, it is for the ACE, a teddy bear contest, so I'm working on photos and forms for that one too.

FINALLY got the check from the place in California for the car, so that's one less concern. I spent some time on Friday and Saturday picking up job applications from fabric and quilt shops that are close to home. Its pretty clear that if we're going to have to make a car payment (and pay for comprehensive insurance, license for newer car, etc.) that my days of just creating art are over. So hopefully I can get on somewhere with hours that will still allow us to do a few shows.

Finished the applique on another pair of the quilt blocks. This on is September, cute with his leaf hat ears. Now I'm working on Thanksgiving and having trouble with the turkey many small curves! The blocks are definately on the home stretch now tho', only June, February and December left (saving December for last because it is the most complex, and I figure I may have learned something doing the others first to make it easier).

Also finished the Icon, and it came out really well. It looks pretty amazing in the frame. So now its on to a piece that is a farm at sunrise and two more pieces of jewelry (one of these is a fish with raised scales....a new technique I want to try).

Well, guess its time to get to work. I have cleaning and shopping and laundry (OH MY) to do today.......

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