Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cats chase rats, cats and bats, cats in hats.....

we're starting to sound like Dr Seuss! Any way, I finished another pair of cat blocks for the quilts.....this one is June, note the top hat and the wedding veil on the ears. This leaves only two sets to go, and because I figured that I'd get better at this as I went along, I have saved the most complex ones for last....the next one to do is February which has 2 cats on each block and the last one is December which has 3 on each block. And I'm getting to the "faster, faster" stage of this project wanting to get it done as about 3 more are crowding into my head.

Late last week I saw Cynthia England demonstrating her picture quilt technique. This morning I went to the web site and downloaded her free instructions.....I don't want to use her pattern, just play with the technique for a design of my own.

Yesterday I had a lovely phone conversation with a lady about the HGTV quilt pattern that I had been looking for. She gave me some ideas about saving the picture files to create the patterns and a site to get more details. Tried that this morning, and I think its going to work! Another project added to the list....FUN!!

Work continues on Joe. I added some glitter to his nose with several layers of sparkle nail polish, a first for me....I even did a small test piece on some of the fabric first because I wasn't sure how I would like it. I made him totally new ears with the inside of the ears being "made" fabric where I have shaved the pile off the mohair fabric then run a series of cross hatched stitching in the same varigated crochet cotton that his nose is across the material. Something new again!! My DH drew a sketch of a coat for him and I created the pattern. This will be a pretty complex affair with many wedges of fabric in different colors and a fairly interesting purple lining. And, to show how truly crazy we've gone, I'm going to attempt the new eyelid technique on this one even tho' the eyes are only 8mm! Still have to figure out what to do with his feet, but I'm sure something will come to me. I'm already thinking about the interesting art cards that I can make from pictures of this guy.....Go, Go, Joe; Go, Go, Joe!!

Got all of the sunrise beads picked out with minimal damaged to the black beads. Today I'll be looking at more sunrise photos to get some ideas of where to go next.

Didn't get to the "bunnie" yet. Should get there today tho' since I'll need to go to the machine to stitch the panels for Joe's coat too, I can stitch up "bunnie" while I'm there.

No art cards yesterday, but I did find some very cool stickers at the grocery store to use on the next few.....I have an idea for one that has pictures of Daisy and Peaches.....should be fun!

And so its time to get busy.....lots of work to do!!

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