Saturday, May 06, 2006

work continues.....

on various projects.

Pictures today of the latest completed quilt block....this one is November, see the cute little turkey hats on each ear.....HATED doing those turkeys, all those little curvy, fiddly edges for tails. The wings were fun tho' double sided and movable at the ends.

I saw a show yesterday morning (at 6:30 AM) with Cynthia England demonstrating her technique for Picture Quilts....I've been admiring her book in catalogs for a LOOOONNNNGGGG time, just can't justify the $$ to buy it right now. The show was amazing. Just that half an hour gave me the general idea of how she does what she does. I'm seriously thinking of trying her technique for a lap quilt I want to build. This requires more thought!!

The second picture is of a little caterpiller I made to go with the latest bear. He is one of those collaborations between my husband and I that always amazes me....I made the first little "wormy" one, then DH drew a really cute one which I interpreted with stuffed yoyos, then he suggested putting the rings of long synthetic fur between the yoyos to create the fuzzy look, then I decided to "color" the fur with Coptic markers.....pretty interesting. Now if I can just get the face on the bear....I put the nose in and picked it back out twice yesterday.....I'll try again today.

Work on the website is coming along. I hope to load up a bunch of stuff by tomorrow evening. This morning I have taken a bunch of pictures of the next batch of stuff that is going out on Ebay, so I will be writing those descriptions today for loading tomorrow also. We're finally getting into a routine for getting the Ebay stuff out.

After sending my "rant" to the folks in charge of the Health Fair, I got a very nice note back, apologizing for my having had such a bad experience and telling me they would look into the issue. I don't know if I will have actually made things any better for anyone, but I hope so.

This is day 3 of depressing grey, wet, foggy weather. Its been cold enough that I had to put the winter quilt back on the bed last night. Too much of this makes me want to just sleep and makes my joints ache too.....grrrrrr

Guess its time to get something done.......

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