Sunday, May 14, 2006

too much fun

being had in the studio yesterday.

Talked the DH into turning Bunnie right side out. As I said, she has really LOOONNNGG ears....after he turned the ears right side out, he tucked the bases of them into the frame of his glasses and spooked the dog....what a hoot!! After all the turning was done, we decided that the arms weren't right for a rabbit, so he drew up a new pattern idea for me which I cut out and stitched. These arms are much better for a rabbit. Next step is getting in joints.

I have almost finished the coat for Joe, just need to do the hems and finishing work then he'll be all done. Very cool!

I have started putting color back in the sunrise bead piece. These look much better. I was real surprised that I actually had enough beads on hand to even start. When I get done I will definately be very short on anything red or yellow.

We have been asked to write another report for the Teddy Talk group about the show we will be doing next weekend. This will be fun! Today's picture is Lois the Cub Reporter going over her travel plans with maps and tour books.....

Today we are going up to visit with my mom, and our daughter will meet us there. Should make for a very interesting day. Happy Mother's Day to all my readers!!

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