Thursday, May 04, 2006

three days without pictures.....

what can I say. I've been spending a lot of time working on computer stuff.....

Have the basis of the web site I've been writing finished, now waiting for the "customer" to review, make requests, etc., this has been an interesting experience (now maybe I'll have some time to work on my own site!!)

Finished this morning the article for the magazine, got all the pictures transfered to the CD and wrote the letter. It will go in the mail today...YEAH!!

I did get the newest bear stuffed yesterday. Peaches is coming along nicely. Today I hope to work on her face and whatever is going to be her "friend".

The farm at sunrise piece is coming along tomorrow (I promise!)

Today we get to take the dog to the vet, always a fun escapade! Just the usual shots this time, which is a good thing.

Now its time for breakfast and to get things done....

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