Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mowing as a fashion statement.....

Spring is here. That means we have to do one of my least favorite things -- mow the lawn.

Yesterday was the first mow of the season. I've spent a couple of hours the past week raking and picking up in the yard -- necessary when you have a dog -- but with our dog there are little "extras" -- the wood pile. For some reason she likes to chew the bark off of logs. During the winter she would help herself to as big a log as she could carry from the wood pile, carry it around to the back patio and chew it up. I picked up almost a whole bag of wood chips.

So, on to the mowing. The yard looks a lot better and this season's haute coutre for the job includes: old shoes (I may have missed a "meadow muffin"), a hat to shade the eyes, long pants (in case of "fly ups") and in the case of the DH, a bright magenta shirt with brilliant yellow suspenders --- such is art!!

I did well on my "get it done" list yesterday. The joints are in Bunnie, and today we will progress to stuffing on her. We've been discussing what the proper eye treatment is on her, and have a couple of ideas. The new design has been cut out, pinned and is waiting for machine work. The hang tags are on the new pieces.

Spent some time fooling around with a pattern from on of my online groups. The picture is the result....its supposed to be a mouse....the head and tail are right, but I'm not so sure about the body....it was interesting to see how someone else's pattern worked.

Time to get to work!

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Nancy G said...

Perhaps Elphie is training for a career in landscaping? Most people have to go to Home Depot and BUY mulch, but she makes it for you on site!

Interesting mouse, but the body does look a bit dessicated. You don't suppose it got into the D-Con, do you? (Oops, there's that morbid sense of humor again; it must run in the family!)