Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Pen is mightier than the sword.....

or at least in this case, more effective! In response to my email to the Health Fair people, I got an envelope in the mail yesterday with one of the colon cancer screening packets enclosed since I couldn't get one at the original location. I am impressed! Ok, next year I'm definately going to a different location. Maybe go with my mom.

All of the black work on The Farm is now done.....hurrah! This was the hardest bit of beadwork to do (especially at night). I'm really happy to have this part complete, now I can get on with the colors of the sunrise. I think that will be more fun.

Spent a lot of time working on the website yesterday. Its a major PAIN to add new buttons when a site is as big as mine. I keep thinking I'll simplify it, but I want to have as much of my stuff out there as I can have so I have a chance of people seeing it. 'sigh' Oh well, it is interesting "brain exercise" keeping up with adding new stuff.

I have been notified that the items I submitted for inclusion on the Land of Odds site, has been accepted and can be viewed here: This is pretty neat!

I finally got the nose on Peaches. I just don't like the face on this one as well as I did Daisy, but we'll see what it looks like once I get the eyes on. I did the set up for the eyes last night -- cutting out the felt pieces, glueing the whites of the eyes to the background, etc. Today I can set the eyes and add the eye lids. After that I can sew on the ears and work on a pattern for a sunsuit for her. I found some wonderful fabric with jelly beans printed on a white background that I'm going to try for the sunsuit.

Figured out how to make an attractive envelope to put my art cards in. There are several stock patterns available for these things, but I wanted to be able to put the cards in the plastic sleeve BEFORE the envelope, so those patterns didn't work. I've got it now, tho', so I'll be making envelopes for each one as I finish them. Still working on page for the web site to show these off.

Well, I guess its time to go get some breakfast and then try to get that bear done!

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