Friday, May 05, 2006

pictures as promised

Yes folks, I actually have pictures to post today!

The Art Card is the latest experiment, I'm not as pleased with it as I was with the Blues card, but I will keep trying. This one I used salt on for the sand beach and a bit of silk floral stuff for the sea weed. More ideas are perking....

This is the first shot of the newest framed piece I'm doing. This one is called Farm at Sunrise. I colored the background of the black areas with a marker so no white will show through when I'm done (its easier to do it this way than touch up afterwards as I've done in the past). Note the matte finish beads as "shadow". The buildings are all done, as are the shadows, and at the far right under the tractor I've started laying in the background beads. Not bad!

I'm now ready to put a face on the next bear. Peaches is a really pretty fabric, so I hope I do justice on her face. I'm also trying to create a caterpiller to put with her (we seem to have this theme going with this series of bears). The caterpiller has been more of a challenge than I thought it would be. Attempt #1 looks more like a fat ugly worm than anything else, so we're back to the drawing board there. Not discouraged yet tho'.

Worked on my own website for a while yesterday. I need to update a lot of stuff and get it posted out there. This part is fun, but time consuming, but it is yet another place where I can control my art (yes, I know, I never met a control issue I didn't like!!).

We took our dog to the vet yesterday for her shots. She got a clean bill of health report and a new "jinglie" for her collar. Vet says she looks wonderful, just right on the weight....she weighed 67 pounds. The green bean diet has been very successful, you just have to stick with it. We also got some enzime soaked raw hide chews to let her "brush" her own teeth (the tooth brush thing has not been very successful), this will help keep them clean.

So now it's off to work on caterpillers and other things......

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