Wednesday, May 10, 2006

...and here she is.....

Miss Peaches is complete! Pretty cute with her caterpillar. No doubt one of them will turn into a social butterfly. Its hard to believe that Daisy and Peaches are basically the same pattern. each one is definately a unique one of a kind!

I did a second art card using a picture of Daisy and her he the prince? Fun.

Work continues on the smaller white bear that I had started in Nevada City. I put his nose on with a multi color varigated crochet thread, so it is purple and blue and green. Guess I'll have to name him Joe. I'm thinking about what I can do to his eyes and ears to make him even more outrageous.....

The pattern for "bunnie" is done. A very unusual piece with an almost flat face, short legs, big feet and really long ears. I got the pieces all cut and pinned for the machine work last night, so he'll begin to take shape soon.

DH is working on his first sewing project. His "first bear" is coming right along, so we'll be to the jointing stage soon.

After putting in 2 complete colors and part of a third, I've decided the colors are too pale in the sunrise piece, so I'll be doing major "frog stitching" to remove them. This also means a trip to the supply boxes to see what bright colors I have to do this (then I can decide if the project goes forward now, or gets set aside until I can purchase other supplies). I've also decided it needs some thin grey clouds in the sky, so I'll be trying to figure out that too.

We woke up to snow on the ground this morning. Yes, in May!! This is the kind of wierdness in weather you get when you live in the mountains.

Well, its off to breakfast then a quick trip to the grocery before returning to the studio.....

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