Thursday, May 25, 2006

A case of the BLAHS.....

probably a let down from having had such a wonderful time in Albuquerque last weekend, then spending most of this week doing the mundane......laundry, shopping, etc., I just can't get excited about anything.

Today's excursions will be mowing the back yard before it gets so long we loose the dog back there; taking the dog to the vet for the booster part of her distemper vaccination (after which she will be set for 3 years) and buying a bag of dog food....whoopppiiieeee (or not)

I did work on the bracelet a bit last evening, have completed all of the bezels around the stones (there was one big one and 6 smaller ones), and started working the malachite patterning of beads. Its pretty interesting to work in basically 2 colors, which is what I'm doing on this one....shades of green and black to mimic the stone. We'll see how this progresses.

Work on the quilt is currently progressing at the 2 steps forward, 1 step back pace. I finished the applique of the 3 cats on the first December block, and they look pretty good. I had cut out the "tree hats" for each of them, pinned them all in place and stitched down the first one, then decided the fabric for the trees just didn't do it. Back to the frog stitching! And now there will be a trip back into the fabric bin to find something else for the trees....the original pieces were all cut out of various Christmas fabrics, but none of them was green, and against the back ground on this block, I've now decided they need to be green. (at least the bin of fabric has all been sorted into color groups already -- all in preparation for the next piece that I'll be designing, so looking for the greens won't be too difficult)

So, I guess I'll wander off and see if I can get anything done.....

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Nancy G said...

So, I guess that makes this a BLAHG entry, yes? That's the trouble with most of daily life, it's so...daily.
Hope you find something in that fabric bin to liven up the quilt block. You're more than welcome to rummage through my greens if need be!