Saturday, May 13, 2006

and the work goes on

as I work out the details on Joe. I have now put his eyes (and lids) twice, and I'm now much happier with them. The first go round I had used a bright purple for his eye lids, and we decided that was just TOO much! (ok, now we say eyeshadow is optional!!) I got his feet done its on to the coat....I have the lining done (did that first to be sure it would fit before I cut into that wonderful "created" fabric), so maybe today I can get that done.

Bunnie is all stitched, including the hand work on the feet and face, so now we can turn her right side out and proceed with joints, stuffing, closing then the fun parts!! Might actually get her done for next week's show too!

Need to get the flyers in the mail to my customers for that show today so they'll have time to plan to attend.

Oh yes, today's picture is another Art Card with pictures of Daisy and Peaches....kind of cute!

Well, got lots to do, so better get to it!

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