Monday, March 01, 2010

Really done

unless, of course, I win the whole bundle at quilt guild

here is block #5 of the heart song pattern

this black and white print is really cool -- sort of makes your eyes dance back and forth between seeing the stars and seeing the circles

I got a quarter yard of it, so I'm hoping to put some of it to use in one of the Out of Africa pieces (which I really am going to work on again soon -- I hope!)

we're all ready to go to guild meeting, and it's not until next week!

back in November when I was working on ears for the Seasonal Rabbit, I never did find any fabric that looked like St Patrick's Day

when I got the stuff for the flower project the other day, I found this, which I think will be suitable -- whipped this up yesterday in about 10 minutes, and soon it will be in an envelope on it's way to the otherwise ear-less for the holiday rabbit

new cameras are a good thing/bad thing sort of deal

I learned early on to back up my computer files -- especially my photos because so often they simply can not be replaced

each month I write all of my picture files to a CD and store it in a labeled sleeve

uh, except this month, when I started to do that I realized that 737 MB of photos were just not going to fit on a 700 MB CD --oops!

the deal is that the new camera has a lot more mega pixels, which means each photo is a much bigger file

I did some rearranging of files, moving the "copy" files that I created of documents to a different place (these ordinarily wouldn't even be there if my scanner was up and working, but never mind, that's a whole other rant!)

mission accomplished (and I'll keep that fact in mind for future reference)

time to get to that laundry

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