Monday, June 21, 2010

actual finished objects!

the last two pair of scrubs are now complete for the DH

he should be good for the summer now with four older pair that he can use to do work in the garden or the garage and three brand new pair that he can wear out of the house and not feel like a slob

I especially like the zebra pair, but then I'm rather partial to zebras


here is another one

heh, yeah, well I finally finished the bead work on this project yesterday -- so now I can do the "sandwich" that makes up the bracelet -- beaded piece on the outside, leather on the back side and a brass cuff sandwiched in between
and the quilt top for the commissioned baby quilt is complete!!

today I will press it and and backing fabric and get it pinned for the quilting

so to celebrate having this one this far, I started stitching on the first block of the baby animal quilt I'm making for my daughter's baby

cool!! (yes, yes, there will be pictures!!)

today's plan includes the usual laundry, a quick trip to the store for milk then on to the projects


AlisonH said...

Oh, that beaded zebra just wants to go dance and play and jump for joy. What a cheerful thing!

Chiara said...

I found your blog through the Colorado Springs Quilt Guild blog. There is no way to contact the guild in general there.

I have a friend who has 2 old heavy duty Singer machines to give away. Condition unknown. I'd like to find out if the quilt guild would like them. Please ask someone to contact me.