Sunday, June 13, 2010

can I count them again?

I had already marked these as finished projects

but when the quilt guild asked me to do a demo of using beads, I didn't have enough time to whip up any new finished pieces to bead on, so I pulled out these two pieces to work on

I didn't do a whole lot to the leaves -- just a few beads that look like water droplets added in strategic places on leaf tips

looking at this one again also reminded me that I really would like to create a pattern for this one to possibly sell on my Etsy store, so I'm back to "fiddling" with it in my head

then there is the fish

originally there were only big pearls as "bubbles" for him, but during the demo I added a whole string of smaller pearls as secondary "bubbles"

and I added a few shiny green "pebbles" in the clam shell bed at the bottom of it too

okay, this is now REALLY finished

work on other pieces continues --

3 of the 4 sides of the picture "matting" have been sewn onto the flowers quilt

the tail of the seahorse block is progressing nicely

the pockets have been stitched onto the first pair of scrubs for the DH

decrease rows on the hood of the Christmas sweater will be done tonight then I'll have only the front bands left to knit

row number 2 of the crochet edging on the Christmas afghan has been started

yeah, I'm working, just don't have anything to show for it right now

soon (and very soon!)

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