Thursday, June 03, 2010

TWO complete projects and a good beginning on another

we finished planting the last of the garden yesterday

about 10 days later than we thought we would

first we had to fix the fence

and remove lots of pine tree limbs -- and a rose bush!

and dig up some iris that I didn't even know where there

finally yesterday the DH was able to do the tilling and I planted the corn and the sunflowers

forget about "stoop work" this was crawling around on my hands and knees in the dirt work

later in the day I saw a squirrel out there DIGGING!! I went right out the back door yelling -- I didn't do all that crawling just to make a "dig it yourself" snack bar for the squirrels!!

here's hoping some of them survive the squirrels and the crows, and that there isn't any big hail this year -- if all goes well, we should be eating corn the end of August
after all that outdoor activity, I did get to the studio to work on stuff

this hat was started for the DH about a week ago, and it has just been sitting in the flat waiting for me to return to it

what needed to be done took hardly any time at all once I actually got back there

now that I've successfully done this bug embroidery, I'm thinking about making up a bigger chuck of fabric with bugs all over it to make a hat for my daughter to give to my friend's son -- my daughter thinks of him as her big brother and they have long had a teasing relationship -- he'll say to her "I'm not done not bugging you"

a "buggy" hat would be quite appropriate (just add one more project to the "to do" list!)
the first block for the commissioned baby quilt is finished (well, except for the pressing, which I'll do all at once before I get ready to set the blocks together)

this went really quickly, and I'm very pleased with how it looks

the whale is next

progress is being made on the Flowers quilt -- last night I did the cutting and shading of the morning glories, and started stitching them on -- they look pretty good too

today there is laundry to do and mowing the back yard and baking a cake then hopefully back to the studio for more work on projects!

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AlisonH said...

You might have to sprout the sunflowers and then put them in--squirrels dig to plant food themselves all the time!