Tuesday, June 08, 2010

stitching and shopping

I have finished two more blocks for the baby quilt commission

one blue whale

one purple octopus

these were a lot of fun and relatively easy to do

I've been working on these blocks in order of complexity -- the star fish had one big piece to applique, the whale had one big piece and one little piece, and the octopus had six little pieces and one big piece

next up is the fish which is striped orange and white, so there are a number of pieces all about the same size

well, it made sense when I thought about it originally!
yesterday we did a bit of shopping

this very cool stash of fabrics was acquired at a place called the Fig Leaf

we have a definite plan for the "Dorothy" fabrics, as well as the light blue fat quarter

the red and green fat quarters were to add to my "stash" -- they were just a few of the many I would have like to have, but the budget does have a limit!
these goodies came from the store I set out to visit

it's called Lambspun, and because I have read six of Maggie Sefton's novels, I felt like I knew the place from when we pulled into the parking lot

I went in to pick up a donation they have generously given for the charity auction I'm chairing, but I did a little bit of shopping too --

three skeins of cotton yarn for a very reasonable price

and I finally broke down and bought stitch markers that won't snag the yarn -- I've been using regular safety pins for about 50 years now for that purpose, so I guess this proves you can teach an old dog new tricks!

they have some yarns I would have dearly loved to have, but right now I need to finish some other projects first! (and there is that budget thing too -- oh well)

time to get busy --

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