Tuesday, June 15, 2010


the hard thing about the way I work on projects, is that I can work steadily along for days, or even weeks and have nothing really to show in pictures -- especially because for the most part I only take pictures at important "milestones" in a project or when one is finished

and yet I'm busy

yesterday, for instance

I cut out the other two pair of scrubs for the DH -- and if the red with the black print didn't make me crazy sewing on it, the green with the black "crackle" or the zebra print should! I've even started sewing on these -- since both of them will be stitched with black thread, I figured "manufacturing style" is in order -- so the patch pockets (3 per pair of pants) have been prepared for being attached

and while I had the iron turned on to do the pocket prep, I went ahead and ironed the fabrics from last week's acquisitions -- after I'd done 5 loads of laundry!

the quilting on the flowers piece has begun -- since I'm doing the quilting to give texture to each section of the quilt, I'm using thread that basically matches the fabric on the top of the quilt -- and because the back of the quilt is an off white fabric, the back of the quilt looks like a thread painting in all the appropriate colors -- this is one of those serendipitous things -- unplanned but really cool (and I'll take a picture soon!)

the commissioned baby quilt is progressing well -- I'm about 1/3 finished with the big center block, which means that probably by Friday I'll be doing the machine stitching of those blocks and I'll be ready to put that sandwich together for more quilting

and having two quilts in the quilting stage at once is a new thing -- it also means that the work on the blocks for my expected grandchild will begin -- yeah!

knitting projects are moving along too --

after stitching the top of the hood together on the Christmas sweater, I spent an entire hour picking up the 300+ stitches around the front for the band -- wow!

and I started border row number 3 of 6 on the Christmas afghan -- each of those rows takes over an hour to crochet -- partly because I'm not as fast at crocheting as I am knitting, and because the afghan is BIG, and because pushing the whole crocheting motion makes my wrist hurt (that's why I don't do much of it any more) {did you know that after you type the word "crochet" that many times, it starts to look wrong? or it did to me!}

after several days of cool, gray, cloudy, rainy weather, it looks like today we will have sunshine and be back in the 70's -- yippee!

maybe I can get the front lawn mowed!!

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AlisonH said...

You are one of the busiest crafty people I think I know. You just amaze me. Wow.