Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Beginning a new project

remember this stack of fabric?

yesterday it got washed

and dried

and ironed

and a lot of it got cut

last night I started the applique of the starfish

(just keep swimming, swimming)

when I took the receipt for the deposit to my neighbor (she had dropped off the money with the DH while I was in the tub), she told me she's been talking this up at work --- go ahead on!!

lest you think I didn't do anything else yesterday, guess again

we're clearing out an area in our back yard where rose bushes and pine trees had just gone wild -- lots of hauling with leather gloves on -- rose thorns and pine sap are NOT your friend -- today we hope to get that area all plowed up and planted with corn

I worked on the flower quilt -- attaching leaves for the morning glories -- hopefully flowers today!

and the hood of the Christmas sweater has been started -- picked up the stitches and did 3 rows last night -- 93.659%

today we're going to the grocery store and doing yard work then I'll be back at the projects

1 comment:

AlisonH said...

You mean your roses don't just die off look most of mine did? (That and we plunked a bedroom on top of one notable bush.)

Only the red climbers, like the ones lining the fence at Stanford that so captivated me when we moved here, have done well. You want thorns, you have to go over to the lemon tree, really.