Monday, June 14, 2010

progress, finished object and announcements

the "mat" border is on, and yesterday afternoon I did the backing, batting, top sandwich, so today the quilting will begin

it's looking good, and I've decided to use the quilting to add depth and texture to each element, so the only area that I will need to figure out a "pattern" for is the sky -- maybe something that looks like clouds

this is pretty exciting!

the first of the three pair of scrubs for the DH are complete

don't you just love that RED!

I've added a cargo pocket on the left leg just below the standard side pockets on these because that keeps him from sitting on his wallet when he's driving

while I was making these he kept saying "are you sure they are long enough?" -- and then when he put them on I had to hem them up and extra 2 inches -- heh, yeah

he looks pretty happy with them
or maybe that grin is for the same reason I'm walking around with one

and why there has been a marked interest in making another baby quilt here

don't I look like a "gramma" to you?

I think I do, and now that my daughter is safely through the first trimester and has announced it on her Facebook page, I can babble on about how happy we are for her

December will be a VERY busy month -- Christmas and a new baby in our family

sooooooo exciting!

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AlisonH said...

I'm so glad it's going well! Congratulations!