Friday, June 11, 2010

scissors case, fish block and guild meetings

when I was at my daughter's house over the weekend, she asked me if I could put a "flap" on the case I made for her scrap booking scissors

seems the original design was not secure enough to keep them from slipping out of the case when they were in her bag

I finished up this little job yesterday afternoon

(this entire case is made up of fat quarters, which is pretty neat!)

it's all ready to go back into service

the fourth corner block for the commissioned baby quilt is finished

(nothing like a good movie on TV to keep those hand stitches rolling!)

the fishy was completed to the sounds of Judy Garland in Summer Stock -- a movie that has particular importance to me because my daughter used the famous tuxedo jacket costume for a high school musical review performance (I got to re-make the used tux jacket for the purpose), and it just has happy memories associated with it

today I'll be doing the pattern drawings and starting on the big center block -- the sea horse

it's definitely looking like I'll be working on the quilting of this piece by the 4th of July

last night was guild meeting where we were having "demo night"

four different special demonstrations, and I did one on using beads as embellishment on quilted objects

the time was broken into 15 minute segments, so I got to do my little "spiel" 4 times -- with slight variations depending on what the group wanted to know about

it went pretty well -- in fact, I had several of the group ask if I would consider doing a Saturday workshop on some of my techniques

WOW -- now that was a mind bender
at guild meetings we have a "put and take" table -- items are brought in and "put" on the table by members who have no further use for them

then those items are "take"n by members that can put them to use

I picked up the three fabrics on the right side in this picture -- the small sort of beige-y one I want for using in some art quilts, but the other two I plan to use with some other fabrics that were recently given to me to make another charity quilt -- or two

the fabrics on the left side were in the door prize I won last night -- some of those might end up in charity quilts too -- we'll see
this is the quilt our guild is raffling off this year

it is 90 inches by 100 inches

the picture does not do it justice -- it's truly aMAZEing (heh, yeah, and that's what it's called too!)

anyway, the money we raise with this helps fund programs, allowing members to have hands on seminars with nationally know quilt folks at a price our members can afford -- something I hope to take advantage of in August

so, if you'd like to have a raffle ticket for this cool quilt, just drop me an email and we'll work it out

last weekend I ripped a page out of a newspaper I was reading for this picture

the entire idea of this "arch" intrigues me

now that I have the scanned file of it I'll be filing it under "possible future design ideas" -- along with that fig leaf

yesterday's heat and wind was not good for us getting the back yard mowed, so perhaps today -- or not -- we'll see

meantime, there are projects to work on!

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AlisonH said...

Japanese tea garden at Golden Gate Park? That's what that last one reminds me of. Have fun!