Saturday, June 19, 2010

if at first you don't succeed

plant, plant again

green beans have never failed me before

this year, however, after my efforts on my knees planting many, many bean seeds -- a whole TWO of them came up


I have to admit, however that we had a long spell of unseasonably cool weather right after that planting, so it's possible there just wasn't enough warmth for the seeds to sprout

so, yesterday afternoon, the DH went out and spaded up half of the area (by hand!) and I replanted with these

I put them close together and didn't plant very deep, and I'm hoping this batch comes up

today he's planning to spade up the other half of the area and I'll put in wax beans there

then we'll be back on squirrel and crow patrol, trying to give the seeds a chance to germinate

I did the final bind off on the Christmas Sweater last night, so now its on to sewing in the sleeves and installing a zipper -- whooo hoooo!

and I'm working on the last row of the border of the Christmas afghan -- also very cool

yesterday the mail man brought the post card from the Hoffman Challenge folks letting me know that they had received my entry -- yippee!

and I'm almost done with that center block for the commissioned baby quilt -- just doing the embroidery of the seahorse's eye and mouth then I'll be stitching all the blocks together

the International Fiber Collaborative is sponsoring a very cool project to wrap a replica of a Saturn V rocket -- you can read more about it by using this link --after thinking about it for several days, I've come up with an idea for a panel (24 inches square) to submit and this morning I reserved my spot, and we'll start working on drawings and ideas --- I'm seriously thinking this is the place to do fusing and machine quilting since this is an outdoor venue -- kind of awesome to be part of a 32,000 square foot endeavor!

well, time's a wastin' -- yards to mow, beans to plant -- into the fray!!

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