Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hats and maps (no bats or cats)

today's title just sounded like Dr Seuss to me, so I had to put in the bats and cats thing for the sound of it -- {grin!}

not long ago I made the DH a new bucket hat

except it didn't quite fit him right -- it was a little too small around and it was too deep -- sort of like wearing a mushroom on top of your head (go ahead, just imagine that)

all of that because I was making up the pattern as I went along because even the biggest size hat in the pattern envelope I had (and had successfully used for other hats) was too small for him

ok, here is version two -- bigger around -- shorter, less like a mushroom -- except -- yup, you guessed it -- this one was a bit too big


I'm trying to fix that as I write this -- it's been in a hot load with the towels and is now going around in the dryer -- something I ordinarily would never do to one of his hats for fear it might shrink -- this time I WANT it to (anyone want to place a bet on rather or not it will?)
when we were working on the drawings for the baby animal quilt, I had a black and white version of this that had the drawings on it

here I have substituted a scan of the yellow fabric I plan to use, and I've pasted in the two blocks that are complete

doesn't look like much yet, but it's kind of fun to use the technology to create the "fantasy" of work accomplished

I've been working on a third block -- a rabbit -- cute, very cute

and there has been the on going quilting on both the commissioned piece (all of the shells are done, I'm now working on the corner appliqued blocks) -- and the Wild About Flowers (one more fence board to finish, then on to the flowers!)
and there has been knitting

of afghan squares (number 2 for the current box here)

and I've done about 3 inches of ribbing on the "cape into coat" project

yesterday we spent some time putting down weed stop cloth and sand in an area behind our garage where we plan to put down stepping stones (and hopefully not have to fight the weeds any more!)

we had planned to go after the stones and do that part today, but its a better plan not to lift 50 pound objects two days in a row at our ages

perhaps tomorrow -- but more likely sometime next week

today there is a bush in the front yard that needs trimming back as it reaches out and grabs you every time you go out the front door!!

and the aforementioned laundry

time to get to it


AlisonH said...

Waitwaitwait. I'm still back there at the, you just made a hat--like that!--without a pattern, by guess and by gosh, and it came out like that. Wow. Takes yarn (and froggability with no one looking) for me to come anywhere close. Wow.

Nancy G said...

This is nothing new, Alison; she's been designing and sewing stuff sans patterns since she was a kid. Definitely wow!