Thursday, June 10, 2010

new projects and old projects

during the summer the DH wears scrubs because they are much cooler than jeans or most anything else

not just any ordinary scrubs however -- nope, custom made by me scrubs

and about a week or so ago I bought that red fabric to make him a new pair (since the last pairs were made about 2 years ago and they do wear out quicker than jeans)

then I couldn't find the pattern I used to make them

over the weekend, I decided not to make myself any crazier and just bought a new pattern (now the old one will probably show up) and I found a couple more fabrics that will make good scrubs for him too -- after all, it's just about as easy to make three pair as it is to make one pair!

the green and zebra fabrics are in the dryer as I write this (along with all the other goodies I got on my mini-vacation), so I should be able to get to this soon

I put that fig leaf in the scanner and got this awesome picture

like with most things that inspire me to make new pieces of art, the shape and color of this is really neat --

still not sure exactly what I will create, but I'm realizing that botanicals are a real source of ideas for me

perhaps there will be more cutting of rubber stamps, but I'm thinking more about trying a resist technique -- trying to find a source for soy wax to try out something I just read about

and because I spent a bit of time in the car I got two more afghan squares complete

today we need to mow the back yard, then I will start collecting the things I need to take with me this evening to quilt guild -- I'm doing a demo on adding beads to a quilt

time to get to it

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