Wednesday, June 09, 2010

more shopping

did I mention I've been on a little mini-vacation?

and vacation means souvenirs -- right?

my version involves visiting places that sell fabrics

yesterday's visit included a stop in a place called Thread Bear Quilts, where I picked up these fabrics -- they are not exactly batiks, but more like some of the fabrics my friend and I created last summer when we had our week long create-a-thon with the mottled splotches of color
thing is, they will be perfect to create something that includes this very interesting leaf

which I also picked up in that store -- it had fallen off of one of the potted plants in the place, and I think the shape and color will be fun to play with for another wall hanging

(the day before I was in the store called the Fig Leaf, which you might have thought would be the source of this leaf, being that it IS a fig leaf, but no, I got it at Thread Bear -- interesting)

so now I have another smaller wall hanging working in the back of my head -- it's good to have designs being worked on that way for times when I'm laying awake looking at the ceiling at 2 a.m.!

I've been working on the fish block for the commissioned quilt -- it is about 1/3 done --

today will be taken up with the unpacking (including taking a close look through 5 boxes of things my mother gave me to either keep or sell), doing laundry from the trip and trying to get myself organized for the demos I'm doing at tomorrow night's quilt guild meeting --

never a dull moment!!

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AlisonH said...

Now I want to go take pictures of the leaves on my fig tree--they're a lot more like, hmm, mayapple leaves, maybe?