Friday, June 04, 2010

Ready for "framing"

I have declared the Wild About Flowers piece to be DONE --

at least I'm done adding flowers or leaves

I still need to get the "mat" and the "frame" borders stitched on to this before it's ready to be quilted

and I'm planning on adding some beads that look like water droplets in various places, but I'd rather do that after the quilting is done

and there is the honey bee to be attached to the biggest sunflower too

here are some close ups of the morning glories

you'll notice they are all sort of blue-ish purple

that's because here in Colorado anything that is this general size and shape and has white flowers is a WEED (communarius vulgaris as they say in Alice in Wonderland)

and I'm not having any weeds in this little garden (since I can control that here, if not in my yard)

I do find it very interesting that the photo that this whole piece is based on was a picture taken of the back fence in my yard -- the very fence that blew down in the last big wind storm and we have now replaced with the ever lovely zebra fence

good thing I took those pictures

meantime, the next block of the commissioned baby quilt is almost complete

and more rows have been knit on the hood of the Christmas sweater

and the back yard got mowed, the laundry finally competed, the cake baked plus some other extra cooking for my dad

so today there will be cake frosting and packing of food to take to my dad

we're going to do a "work party" in my parent's yard tomorrow, so I'm taking along the goodies for dad as well as the lunch for the workers -- taco bar (which has become our standard, go to meal -- even for things like Thanksgiving gatherings!), watermelon and birthday cake for my daughter

time to go mow the front yard and pack some tools


AlisonH said...

I love that you built two fences, one for real and one for quilt, and then added the flowers.

Margarida Porto said...

Seu trabalho é muito bonito. Parabéns.