Thursday, June 24, 2010

Unfinished or In Transition?

when I attended my quilt guild meeting earlier in the month, there was a discussion about unfinished objects --

specifically, at our birthday party next month, we have been asked to bring an unfinished object to play "pirate" with as part of the festivities

I asked what we were to do if we didn't have any unfinished objects and created quite a stir

perhaps its a semantic issue

when I said that I didn't mean I didn't have any projects that are not complete -- just that I have several projects in process all at once, some of which are being worked on more urgently than others

take these two items for instance

these are a design idea that has been bounced around a lot

the very first idea was to do these as part of a landscape that was small enough to wear as a necklace

it then morphed into individual panels that are a combination of fabrics and beads that I was thinking about putting into wood frames

but now I'm wondering if they could be part of a quilted landscape (there are sketches for at least 2 more buildings, possibly more)

I don't know

but I do know I'm not ready to let go of this design yet, so it's not an unfinished object (as in, "I've given up on this one") but more an "Object in Process" -- OIP? or perhaps an "Object in Transition" -- OIT?

I know, it doesn't have the pizazz of "UFO", but it is a lot more descriptive of what's really happening


AlisonH said...

You just dazzle me with how much you get done. And WOW those are cool!

Bev said...

thanks Alison!