Wednesday, June 23, 2010

inching along

the very first block of the baby quilt I'm making for my daughter's baby

the inch worm is actually block number 4A on the "quilt map" for this project, but it was on top of the pile, so it got done first

started work on the turtle, which is block number 1, last night
that pattern I bought a few weeks ago is getting a real work out

my daughter wanted a pair of pj pants that she could wear now and continue to wear through the summer

my solution was a pair of pants that are over sized now with a draw string to keep them up and they will "expand" as needed

couldn't resist using the fabric that says "Cabbage Patch Kids" for them -- and there is enough of the fabric left to make a footed sleeper for the baby (I think)

one quarter of the Wild About Flowers quilt has been quilted -- whoo hooo -- there are some down sides to making a multi layered piece then trying to hand quilt through it, which is why this one is taking a while to get quilted

the seahorse on the commissioned baby quilt has been quilted -- moving right along

the Christmas sweater is all complete except the zipper, which I hope to get this week so I can mark that as a finished project before July 1

today the DH has a doctor's appointment then well do our monthly Costco run, so less studio time, but these are necessary things too!

time to get movin'

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AlisonH said...

Cabbage Patch... Wow, does that bring back memories. We bought our kids some a year after the height of the fad, when the screaming in the stores was over.