Saturday, June 01, 2013

a totally new project and some technical difficulties

the bead embroidery group I belong to does a new challenge four times a year

the theme for the last one just never "spoke" to me, so I choose not to participate in it

the new theme, however, sounds like a chance to do something very different

the theme is "Victorian Handbags"

the last few days I've been working on this drawing as my plan for this project -- and it won't be that big -- about 5.5 inches wide by 6 inches tall -- pink/red roses on a black background

now I need to take a look at all of the beads that I have on hand to see if I have what I need to make this happen or if I will need to order in some things

you may remember this drawing from a while back

this is the working plan for a quilt I want to make for my son in law for Christmas

I was all set to start printing off the pattern from this drawing by using the same technology I used to make an earlier, smaller piece

and there I am stuck

in order to make this 8.5" x 11" drawing into the full size pattern, it needs to be increased so it prints out 9 pages wide by 9 pages long - a total of 81 pages

thing is, between the software and the printer it spools out to about page 58 and then freaks out -- as in freezes the whole system so that I have to pull the plug and do a hard reboot --- ACK!!

I have a work around that I want to try, but I have things that have to get done first

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