Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Return to normal

once I got the laundry done yesterday, I started trying to get back into the usual routine

like working on this piece

now that the roses are finished, I'm majorly in the "slog along" of filling in the background --- and the whole back side of the purse -- and the gusset

 the curtains for my daughter's living room were not the only sewing project completed during our weekend visit

these five hats also got made

Mr Cute looks pretty good wearing his Mickey Mouse (that's "Icky mouse" in Mr Cute speak) hat --- there's also a Nemo hat there for him, a Nemo hat for one of his school buddies, a Mickey Mouse hat for the neighbor's child --- all of the boys are within a year or so in age

then there is that pink one -- wait, PINK?  well, yes, my daughter has a friend at work who has a new grand daughter, and finding a sunhat for the child has been impossible --- hope this one works!!

a few errands to run this morning, then back to the sewing of useful objects --- the DH needs a new sun hat (I got some more of that "Icky Mouse" fabric); my daughter has requested a new skirt; and Mr Cute needs shorts and summer weight pjs --- the sewing machine will be working on some of that 

and of course there will be art projects -- more on the beading and the four quilts I have in process!


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AlisonH said...

So cute!

Our Parker is on strike re hats, and given where he lives he really needs one. Oh well, sunblock on the head.