Monday, June 10, 2013

finished x 2

well, almost

the quilt is done, including the facing (and let me tell you, that extended branch was a real challenge!)

I still need to make a label for this thing

which means I need to come up with a suitable title --- I have no good ideas at this point -- all suggestions are welcome!

this is finished too

the free floating, second set of wings on the big dragon fly are made of a sheet of angelina fiber

pretty cool stuff

finishing this piece means I'm at a cross road with the visioning project -- I have three other small pieces in process and I'm just beginning the big landscape -- but none of these was actually for the visioning project --- I have worked my way through the original book I planned to use, so now I need to think about where that's going next

the beading is moving along -- I should be able to get that second rose finished today -- looking good

this morning's usual routine will be disrupted with an unplanned trip to the vet -- the big black dog that lives here began limping badly yesterday afternoon, so this morning we're taking her to have the vet take a look at what's going on

need to get going


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AlisonH said...

I hope your dog heals quickly and easily.