Thursday, June 13, 2013

just a quick update

I've had several emails from folks asking if we are ok

yes, we are -- we live south of the Black Forest fire, and for the last 24 hours the wind has blown the smoke away from us  --- one of the campuses of our local community college that our daughter attended is now in the volunteer evacuation area -- and the air quality in the Denver area (about an hour north) is so bad it sent my dad to the ER for treatment of his COPD

there was no "regular" blog post this morning because the DH had to be at the surgery center at 6:30 am for the procedure that he had done to repair the problem he was having with his left thumb

when we have to be somewhere that early in the morning, neither one of us sleeps that well -- I was awake about 4 am, and never really went back to sleep

his surgery took less than 20 minutes, and after they sent him home, resting -- including a nap for both of us -- was in order

one surgery down, one to look forward to as the dog will have her surgery a week from tomorrow

meantime we are staring with disbelief at the news reports as we watch another fire wipe away hundreds of homes (360 at last official report) -- already almost as many as were burned last summer and they have NO containment on this fire yet

we're praying for the safety of the people in the path of this inferno 

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