Sunday, June 02, 2013

seeing the forest AND the trees

after three years this project is finally finished

these are not the best pictures, but they give you an idea of what the final project looks like

in the next couple of days I'll spread it out on the floor, stand on a chair and try to get some better pictures

this project has been on my "To Do" list for so long that it feels odd not to have it there!  I will have something for show and tell at my quilt meetings this month!

the thread painting of the feathers on the peacock is complete

this piece will need to sit until tomorrow before I can work on it again because yesterday afternoon I washed out the stabilizer that I used over the top while I was doing the stitching, and I want to make sure it is really dry before I mess with it again

I'm very pleased with this piece so far --- and happy that it is moving right along --- the stitching that still needs to be done is the background and the branch at the very top edge, so I'm doing well on getting this finished well ahead of the deadline

working my way along to finishing this rework

when I took this apart I had no idea just where I was going with it -- and it is still very spontaneous and unplanned, but I do like the way it's going back together

I want to finish this one before I move on to the Victorian bag, but I am starting to do the prep work for that piece --- I need to go through all of the boxes of red, pink and black beads and see what I have on hand --- last night I remembered that there are still some vintage seed beads in the boxes of stuff that my mother gave me that I should look at to see if there are some beads of the right color there

this project is frustrating me

or perhaps more correctly, the technology is frustrating me

after yesterday's printer freak out when I tried to print out the pattern all at once, I tried cutting the sheet in four pieces and printing each piece

uh, apparently that was too much for the current set up too


so I guess today I'll try cutting it even smaller

or not

I'm really unhappy that this is being so difficult -- I have counted on this kind of technology to enable me to make these kinds of quilts, and I'm not sure how else to approach them

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