Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Going "old school"

as I said a couple of days ago, when I tried to print out the full size pattern for my next big project, my poor little printer lost it's mind

when I was talking to my sister about the issue I realized that the last time (three years ago) that I needed to print such a big enlargement, I was not working in a wireless network environment

oh DUH!

yesterday morning I pulled out that USB printer cord, hooked it up and tried again

Viola!  it worked!!

guess I won't be getting rid of that cable any time soon -- it's just become an important part of my art supplies

so now I need to do the great paste up -- aligning all the edges and taping the whole thing together so I can start picking fabrics

this is slowly coming along -- I'm almost out of these gold beads --- have just enough to finish this project

so when I ordered the black beads for the rose project, I ordered some more gold ones too because I found two more pieces that have random stones in them that I'm planning to tear apart and rework into something different

yesterday's outdoor work resulted in the trash can been filled up between the DH's cleaning in the garage and my working on the side of the house --- so my yard clean up is now on hold until after the trash is picked up this week

meantime, I'm working on paperwork for the charity auction and writing a call for entries for a small works show --- keeping busy!

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AlisonH said...

The blue stone and the beadwork around it remind me of my grandmother's wedding ring: a large sapphire surrounded by beads of gold and tiny diamonds.