Monday, June 24, 2013

it's NOT the big moon

yes, I know the big thing in the sky this weekend was the larger than usual moon

I have to say I was not outdoors to see it

I did see this yesterday afternoon, however

that is the sun

through a cloud that is mostly smoke

weird, eerie, orange sky (and the coughing and the itchy eyes to go along with being exposed to smoke particulates)

we really could use some rain (a storm without lightning please!!)

our patient is doing well --- this picture was snapped after she had her 3 minute walk, range of motion exercises, massage and pain meds -- icing is the last step in the rehab plan -- which she doesn't seem to mind

now if she would stop backing herself under my recliner while I'm sitting in it so I can't get up we'd be set!

got another block for this project done --- each of these blocks has been different, largely because I'm trying to make sure they AREN'T alike

my daughter has suggested that this might also make a great bead embroidered bracelet --- an idea that I like!

along with working on this block, I printed out the full size pattern for the "couch puppy" piece and found an appropriate found object to use as the dog tag --

so now I have six quilted pieces in process -- ACK!

the beading is coming along nicely on the gusset piece for the roses, after I finished the back of the piece, and actually added an additional row of beads around the outside of the front -- and my search for fabric to use for the lining was successful too -- I found a piece of shiny shot woven fabric in my stash that is perfect since it is black and red (shot woven fabric is woven with the warp threads being one color and the weft threads being another) 

I also need to start working on the "chain" for this roses piece -- I have already figured out how to reinforce it with beadalon cable through the center

I posted this picture last week when I was talking about my daughter working on a quilt for Mr Cute

I've been thinking a bit this week about this project  and why we make things

I'm a firm believer that we are hard wired to create --- if we watch our little children we see them build with blocks, sculpt with clay, draw with crayons --- we instinctively express ourselves in "art"

somewhere along the way many of us have that creative spark squashed by either well intentioned folks ("you don't want to study that, you can't make a living that way") or just by meanness ("that's ugly", "horses aren't purple", "the sky isn't that color"), and we internalize that criticism 

in the long run, however, if we pay attention to our inner selves, that drive to create is insistent

a few years ago, when my daughter started hand making greeting cards and acquiring the tools for scrap booking activities, I joked with her about those activities being just the beginning 

I'm happy to facilitate the creative process --- I'm encouraging my daughter to keep at it --- and I hope by writing here I can encourage someone else to return to those creative endeavors 




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